Jonathon Duniam releases birth certificate, history

Tasmanian Liberal senator Jonathon Duniam has released his birth certificate and family history in an effort to avoid being drawn into the citizenship crisis.

Senator Duniam took the proactive approach to providing his documents, declaring the citizenship cloud had “hung over our Federal Parliament for far too long”.

“Given that we have one by one seen further politicians drawn into this storm, each and every senator and member of parliament must now provide proof that they do not hold dual citizenship, or any right to citizenship of another country,” he said.  

“The Australian public deserves more than just hollow promises from politicians that their affairs are in order.

“I can confirm that instead of relying on legal advice or hiding behind legalities I today make available all relevant documents to confirm that I am an Australian citizen only and do not hold any right to citizenship of any other country, either by descent or naturalisation.”

Documents, provided to Fairfax Media but not released publicly, show Senator Duniam was born in Launceston on New Year’s Eve in 1982 to Roy and Mary Duniam.

His father, Roy Duniam, was born in Sydney, NSW in 1948.

His father, Tasman Duniam, was born in Wynyard in 1920, and his mother, Della Duniam (nee Bye), was born in Sheffield in 1920.

Senator Duniam’s mother, Mary Duniam (nee Graham), was born in Wynyard in 1950.

Her father, John Graham, was born in Devonport in 1910, and her mother, Jesse Graham (nee Gray), was born in Richmond, Victoria in 1915.

“I am 100 per cent Australian and, in the terms of antiques, come with full provenance,” he said.

“Once the Labor party stops playing politics on this matter and agrees to the Prime Minister’s proposal for a Parliamentary examination of members’ and senators’ eligibility I will be providing my documents to that process.

“While the Labor Member for Braddon, Justine Keay MP, refuses to release her documents I have no such qualms in being open and transparent.”