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TNT9 helped north of state find its voice ... and it was loud
Nigel Burch, Launceston Historical Society1hr ago
LOCAL VOICES: TNT9 presenters Jeanette Cooper (now Gatenby) with Rod Thurley on the set of the afternoon program Kaleidoscope, late 1970. Picture: Peter Bonner
No one knows why the Hobart Express went off the rails
Nigel Burch, Launceston Historical Society
WRECK: A dazed passenger looks for her luggage in the wrecked carriages of the Launceston to Hobart Express. Picture: Tasmanian Mail, February 17, 1916
A dam fine project helped progress flow for Tasmania's north
Nigel Burch, Launceston Historical Society
FEAT OF ENGINEERING: The Trevallyn Dam in 1954, not long before completion. Its creation was initially inspired by the construction of Bell Bay smelter. Picture: Hydro Tasmania
A high-flying notion helped put our city on the aviation map
Nigel Burch, Launceston Historical Society
MAGNIFICENT MEN: An aerial pageant photo from February 1933 shows the grassed landing area at Western Junction and just-completed Tasmanian Aerial Services hangar. The original hangar is on the left. Picture: Tasmanian Aero Club archive, Launceston Library, LPIC117
Local hero honoured three times over for his amazing bravery
Nigel Burch, Launceston Historical Society
ABOVE AND BEYOND: Lieutenant Leslie Dadson was just one of four Australian soldiers ever to receive a Military Cross with two bars for bravery. In later life, he worked for the Agricultural Bank of Tasmania in Launceston.  Picture: Anita Brown
A century on crash is still Tamar's worst marine accident
Julian Burgess, Launceston Historical Society
ANTICIPATION: Passengers boarding SS Togo in Launceston in February 1907 look forward to a day on the river. Picture: Weekly Courier, February 2, 1907
Early find ignited a burning desire for fossil fuel exploration
Nigel Burch, Launceston Historical Society
FIRED UP: The official opening of the Tasmanian Shale & Oil Co, Shale Rd, Latrobe, on the Great Bend of the Mersey, by Governor Barron on May 3, 1911. Picture: Tasmanian Mail, May 11, 1911
Healthy respect for state's law and order
Nigel Burch, Launceston Historical Society
DEDICATED SERVANT: Portrait of William Murnane, country policeman for 11 years and City Health Inspector for the Launceston Council for 40 years. Picture: Weekly Courier, May 29, 1924, p.29