Letters to the editor: Monday, September 11, 2017

Richard Jones, of East Launceston, says Launceston has a transit centre that is perfectly situated for all bus routes north, south-west and west of the city.
Richard Jones, of East Launceston, says Launceston has a transit centre that is perfectly situated for all bus routes north, south-west and west of the city.

Launceston Bus Stops

THE FUTURE of Launceston as a modern city revolves around the decision of bus stop placement. With the university’s planned move into the city it is even more important to make the correct decision. The university’s plan is for students to walk or ride bikes, car parking will be at a premium. Any decision must take this into consideration. The comment from all involved is that we must have bus stops in the centre of Launceston so people will shop in the city, because people will not walk a short distance.

Most modern cities have a transit centre where all buses arrive and depart from. These transit centres work  well for both commuters and tourists alike. The problem we currently have is that if you are not a bus commuter, it is confusing where to catch the correct bus to your area, a transit centre would overcome this and encourage more people to travel to and from town by bus. All cities are planning to reduce the number of cars travelling into the centre city because of congestion and parking, a central bus stop would help this issue. Removing the buses from the centre of Launceston would be a positive move for both retailers and shoppers alike, plus also remove bus traffic congestion.

Launceston has a transit centre  perfectly situated for all bus routes north, south-west and west of the city. It has full amenities including toilets, temperature controlled waiting areas for commuters. The problems we have with people’s behaviour at bus stops in the city would be much easier to control with CCTV and the police station over the road, plus security people if required. The Launceston City Council already has a commuter bus service from Inveresk, this route could include the transit centre for people who do not want a short walk to the centre of the city. Please let Launceston catch up with modern cities in the world and use the transit centre.

Richard Jones, East Launceston.

Numbers Game

INTERESTING read of Corey Martin's article in (The Examiner, September 4) about the reduction in player numbers and its affect on clubs and how to keep the NTFA and clubs strong and sustainable.

Yes, agree there is an issue and participation rates from the younger generation aren't what they used to be due to many various reasons, but I feel the major reason is one our administrators have created themselves and has been building and getting worse for many years now.

Many younger players do not continue these days because they are told or made to feel they are not good enough and will never be a champion. We select only the very best tell them their champions and do everything possible to get them to the top of their sports.

Unfortunately this system deters too many from continuing and many of the select few suffer burnout and dropout anyway after being pushed too hard, too fast.

This needs to change our recent draft numbers and a drop in all standards of state football competitions tells us it is not working.

And this isn't just a football issue either, cricket in the state is suffering exactly the same for the same reasons.

Stephen Frankcombe, Perth.


WHAT A pleasure it was to read in (The Examiner, August 31) that Invermay’s historic art deco cinema is soon to be reborn.

Invermay residents in particular should be extremely proud that their suburban theatre will shortly be one of the last functioning art deco cinemas in Australia. If only we still had the Plaza (George Street).

The new owner Andrew Quaile, Ben Davis and Paul Lee-Archer, are to be congratulated for giving this architectural gem a new lease of life. What an asset this will be for Launceston and Invermay in particular.

I for one can’t wait for the doors of the Star to re-open.

Peter R.G. Bomford, Invermay.