City of Launceston approved dog management policy

Protection of community was a core part of the development of the City of Launceston’s updated dog policy, Alderman Hugh McKenzie said.

The management policy was unanimously approved at Monday’s council meeting and includes life-long registration and significant changes to off and on-lead areas across the municipality. 

A key message from aldermen was a push to support education regarding responsible dog ownership, especially after an attack on livestock on Sunday.

“Over the weekend we saw a very sad thing happened that has captured the attention of many of us and is an example of what happens when people don’t take proper care of their animals,” Alderman Rob Soward said.

“It has created a lot of sadness in the community, but no policy of any council or government can guarantee that everyone will take responsibility of their animals and look after them like the majority of the population will.”

Alderman Hugh McKenzie

Alderman Hugh McKenzie

Alderman McKenzie said it was a small minority who let their dogs roam off lead or did not clean up after their animals.

“Dogs don’t always behave the way we expect them to behave ... I might feel safe with my dog but other people who don’t know my dog might not feel safe, so we need to be in a position to protect the community,” Alderman McKenzie said. 

“Some of the changes to our policy are because some of our off-lead areas aren’t as contained as they should be.

“[I hope] we can do something within our budget framework to ensure that those ones that are popular, that were off-lead and have gone to on-lead, could return to off-lead.”

The updated policy reduces the number of off-lead exercise areas to 11 across the municipality, but there was an increase in the places which allow dogs on-lead.

If you have concerns about a dangerous dog the council says to call the customer service centre on 6323 3000 during business hours. Outside business hours call the council after hours on 6323 3333 or police on 131 444.