Cressy man's 30 kilogram cannabis stash was to 'make butter and hash'

A Cressy man said he planned to make butter and has after police located about 30 kilograms of cannabis on his property.

Paul Terrence Purton, 49, pleaded guilty to multiple drug related charges in the Launceston Magistrates Court on Thursday, including trafficking, cultivating, using and possessing.

During police interviews, Purton admitted to having smoked cannabis for about 30 years and intended to smoke the cannabis from his property himself as well as exchange with “known drug users” in return for “odd jobs”.

Of the 30 kilograms found by police, about 1.8 to 2 kilograms was “usable”, the court heard.

Having come before the courts previously for drug-related offences, Purton was convicted and sentenced to four months in prison, wholly suspended.