Civic Square

ARTISTS’ impressions are wonderful.

The one on the front page of The Examiner  (November 24) depicts a wonderfully futuristic view of Launceston's new Civic Square.

The second last paragraph of the page four story reveals that the proposed work involves new signs, new seats and a new playground.

Doesn't sound very grand at all.

At least millions of dollars worth of modern and functional buildings are not being destroyed as in Devonport's Living City project.

Ross Warren, Devonport.

Shop Assistants

SHOP assistants are vital to any retail outlet.

I don’t know whether shop owners fully appreciate the role these people play.

Their warm attention to customers is often the decider about whether to visit that shop again.

In the last several days I’ve seen both ends of the situation, walking out of one business after 10 fruitless minutes standing at the counter.

Just some acknowledgement of my presence with a “Please be patient, I’ll be with you in a minute,” would have helped.

Contrast this with the fruit and vegie shop in the line of shops at Prospect where the assistants warmth and vivacity would always encourage me to return.

A friendly, efficient shop assistant is a most valuable resource and in the hectic pre-Christmas rush leaves shoppers with little room to grumble.

Dick James, Launceston.

Westbury Park

Meander Valley councillor John Temple has gone way out of field this time with his suggestion that the Westbury cricket ground be named the Donald J. Trump Park to pay homage to the elected next President of the US.

Come on councillor, if Donald gets wind of this he will want it named Trump Towers Tasmania.

Who knows he may even want to come here and build one.

David Parker, West Launceston.