Feral cat trapping program 'great'

A MEANDER feral cat trapping program is catching up to six cats a week, according to program co-ordinator Kevin Knowles.

Mr Knowles said the Upper Catchment Meander Landcare Group-drive project had so far caught ferals up to nine kilograms in size, including pregnant females.

"It's been going great," he said.

"The density of the cats on the mainland is one cat per square kilometre, at the moment we're finding 4½ cats per square kilometre."

Mr Knowles said cats not only carry toxoplasmosis, but harmful campylobacter and sarcocystis bacteria.

He said livestock that test positive for the bacteria are condemned for consumption.

"People are fed up with it, it's getting this in the spotlight," Mr Knowles said.

"There's huge hidden economic factors around this, once livestock is condemned, the farmer cannot get paid for it, they can't sell it as meat."

The 12-month program has so far been conducted in three grids, including the Western Creek area.

"We got in the middle 20s for that area, we're steadily getting about half a dozen cats a week," Mr Knowles said.

"We've got a way to go yet, this has been away from the township of Meander, we're expecting to find more on the fringes of the town."

He said the group's plain-packaged cat food bait had also managed to lure healthy juvenile Tasmanian devils, which was a promising sign for the region.


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