Meth mum busted on school pick-up

AN UNLICENSED Launceston mother has been busted speeding and driving on drugs in an incident that shocked police. 

On Tuesday police across the state launched a well-publicised back to school safety blitz to mark the end of the winter break. 

The campaign was aimed at drink and drug driving.

On that day, about 1pm, police saw a 26-year-old woman driving at 95 km/h in a 60 km/h zone along Vermont Road. 

After pulling her over, police discovered she was unlicensed and a drug test detected methamphetamine in the mother's body.

According to police, the northern suburbs resident said she'd forgotten about picking up her child at preschool and was rushing to meet him. 

Northern Road and Public Order Safety Inspector Darren Hopkins said it was quite shocking. 

``How do other parents feel that they'd got a drug-affected parent driving in at speed to pick up her kid,'' he said. ``Not only is she speeding, she shouldn't be in the car anyway because she's unlicensed, but also she's on methamphetamine.

``Not only is she a risk to others and herself, but also the kids in the area.'' 

Inspector Hopkins said the woman would be proceeded against once results from the blood test were confirmed.