Lawyer denies pulling ex-partner off the toilet

A LAUNCESTON lawyer has denied pulling his former partner's legs out from under her as she sat on the toilet, saying the woman fell to the floor after trying to kick him.

Criminal barrister Adrian John Hall appeared in the Magistrates Court in Hobart yesterday.

Mr Hall has pleaded not guilty to three counts of common assault and multiple family violence order breaches.

The court heard the incident occurred during a heated argument at the couple's Launceston home on Christmas Eve 2012.

Mr Hall said the two had engaged in a verbal fight which spilled between two bedrooms and the hallway before moving to the bathroom.

The court heard Mr Hall first blocked his partner from entering the room, before allowing her through and standing across the doorway.

The accused said the woman kicked out at him as she sat on the toilet.

"She has slipped from the toilet and hit her right elbow on the tile floor," Mr Hall said.

Prosecutor Liz Avery put it to Mr Hall he had grabbed the woman's legs and pulled her to the floor.

But Mr Hall denied that, and also denied holding the woman against a wall by her throat earlier that afternoon.

The third alleged assault occurred months later when Mr Hall grabbed his partner's wrist in the car park of a Newnham hotel.

However, Mr Hall categorically denied any of the assaults occurred, saying he had never been physically violent towards his former partner.

In his closing comments, defence lawyer Greg Richardson said the case was based on word-against-word allegations.

Mr Richardson said the elbow injury Mr Hall's partner received from the alleged assault were consistent with both versions of events.

But Ms Avery said the accused provoked and goaded his partner before the alleged assault by following her and attempting to control her movements.

Ms Avery said while the case was largely a factual dispute, it was improbable the woman slipped in the way Mr Hall described.

The case has been adjourned until July 21.