Jury sees video of death scene

A JURY has been shown video footage of a dead man's remains discovered in dense bushland near Lake Leake.

It is alleged 59-year-old John Lewis Thorn was killed in August 2006 by Kalangadoo man Stephen Roy Standage.

Mr Standage has pleaded not guilty to the crime.

He has also pleaded not guilty to the murder of 37-year-old Ronald Frederick Jarvis in July 1992.

Police photographer Sergeant Mark Forteath gave evidence in the Hobart Supreme Court hearing yesterday, narrating silent footage he recorded of the remote murder scene.

The video showed two damaged saplings; one with a branch cut off and laid out on the ground, pointing towards where Mr Thorn's body was found.

From this position, the police photographer recorded a long-shot of the dead man's remains, his body partially covered by branches, and his baseball cap clearly visible.

Sergeant Forteath then moved in to capture close-up footage.

``He's lying on his back, face up,'' Sergeant Forteath told the court.

The jury was also shown footage of drag marks between Mr Thorn's body and a pile of leaves.

Underneath the leaves was a large, red-brown stain.

Earlier, Sergeant Forteath gave evidence of being the first police officer to lay eyes on the grizzly discovery.

The court heard he was approached by a search party member near where Mr Thorn's car had been found.

Sergeant Forteath said he was then led towards the body, passing the dead man's son along the way.

``His face was down and he was incredibly emotional,'' he said.

``He was lying there crying.''

Sergeant Forteath said he initially came no closer than 10 feet from the body, directing officers to guard the remains and returning later to capture the footage.

The trial continues today, and the jury will be taken to view the Lake Leake scene tomorrow.