Court told of victim's cash

A MAN shot dead near Lake Leake carried wads of cash in his wallet two inches thick, a court has heard.

Stephen Roy Standage has pleaded not guilty to murdering John Lewis Thorn, 59, in August 2006.

Mr Standage has also pleaded not guilty to murdering Ronald Frederick Jarvis, 37, at Nugent in 1992.

Mr Thorn's partner, Susan Mary Fletcher, finished giving evidence in the Supreme Court of Tasmania in Hobart yesterday.

Defence lawyer Tamara Jago questioned Ms Fletcher's recollection of events.

Ms Fletcher told the court on Wednesday that when she arrived at Mr Standage's house to ask if he had seen Mr Thorn, he was freshly showered.

Ms Jago asked Ms Fletcher yesterday how she could know he had just showered and why she didn't tell police at the time.

``Is it something you've just come to believe over time?'' Ms Jago asked.

``No,'' Ms Fletcher said.

Ms Jago asked Ms Fletcher if she remembered a conversation with Mr Thorn's son about whether he had ``got a gun and done something stupid'' on the day he went missing.

Ms Fletcher said she was not aware of the conversation, and had only discussed heart attack or accident as the explanation for Mr Thorn's disappearance.

Simon Phillip Cooper, a former Gunns worker, also gave evidence in court yesterday.

Mr Cooper delivered a bulldozer to Mr Thorn days before he was found dead. 

Mr Cooper said Mr Thorn's wallet was ``thick with notes'' and contained more than $10,000.

The court heard on Wednesday that Mr Thorn's wallet was missing when his body was found.

The hearing before Justice Stephen Estcourt continues today.