Sales make it easy to bag great buys

DEB FOX was a little sheepish when she met her husband yesterday, after getting a bit carried away at Launceston's Boxing Day sales.

Mrs Fox, of Launceston, said she had come into town to see what the sales were like and to swap some shirts she received for Christmas.

``The swapping of two T-shirts really brought me undone. I've bought pillows, linen, a rice cooker - and I haven't even been to Myer yet,'' Mrs Fox said.

``Normally we're away at our shack, so this is my first time this year and I wanted to see what it was like . . . but I got a bit taken in by the sales.

``I'm in trouble with my husband, there's no doubt.''

Vashti Boutique owner and manager Jacqui Grubb said her small shop had welcomed what felt like ``a million people'' in her first two hours of business yesterday.

``As soon as we opened the doors the store was packed and it's been packed ever since.

``This year's definitely a lot busier than the last - we've seen 50 times more people today and over the Christmas period,'' Ms Grubb said.

Red Herring sales assistant Brendon Hill said yesterday's business capped off a successful Christmas period for the surf and skate store.

``We actually started our 50 per cent sale on Christmas, which has got a big response,'' Mr Hill said.

``We've been killing it most days. It's been a very busy Christmas and today started off a little chill but now everyone's out of bed and it's really busy . . . a lot of kids are coming in to spend their Christmas money.''

Deb Fox, of Launceston, had a great day of shopping. Picture: GEOFF ROBSON

Deb Fox, of Launceston, had a great day of shopping. Picture: GEOFF ROBSON