Police officers top of class

Sixty-six Tasmanian Police officers will graduate from university studies by next weekend.

A ceremony was held in Hobart on Friday to mark the completion of studies and another event will be held in Launceston next Saturday.

Police Minister Michael Ferguson said Tasmania Police was the only police service in Australia where training and promotion aligned with a university bachelor degree in Police Studies.

“One-third of Tasmania Police officers are currently enrolled in university studying, not including those who already have degrees.”

Police Commissioner Darren Hine said soon 50 per cent of members on the force would have completed tertiary education.

Police recruits do an Associate Degree through their studies at the academy and within their first 12 months of service.

Commissioner Hine said anyone who qualified as a sergeant would need to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in Police Studies and those seeking to be an inspector would need to do Professional Honours in Police Studies.

Inspector Kate Chambers and Senior Constable Timothy Stevens

Inspector Kate Chambers and Senior Constable Timothy Stevens