TasWater announces more water alerts have been lifted.

Residents in two northern Tasmanian towns can now drink water straight from the tap.

Mathinna and Rossarden have had their long standing boil water alerts removed by the Department of Health.

TasWater chief executive Michael Brewster says Mathinna along with Rossarden are the 20th and 21st towns to have health alerts on the drinking of water lifted as part of a program to remove boil water alerts.

“It has taken a lot of work by a lot of people both in TasWater and from our contractors to get to this stage of upgrading water supplies across the state,” Mr Brewster said.

“A sustainable and clean water supply is not only an important part of Tasmania’s community and public health infrastructure but can also foster economic development.

“We have another seven towns to go and so far all are on schedule to meet our target for the removal of all health alerts on drinking water by 31 August. “

Northern Midlands Councillor Mary Knowles, who lives in the Rossarden area, has welcomed the lifting of the boil water alert.

“This is an extremely important investment in this little town,” Councillor Knowles said.

“The residents without exception have said to me now they are so pleased to be able to drink the water and we can have clean washing.”

Councillor Knowles said the community welcomed the input it had to TasWater during the water upgrade process and was confident ensuring a secure water supply for firefighting and hydrant locations within the town were being addressed.

Judbury in southern Tasmania has also had its boil water alert removed.