Luke Heggie to perform in Launceston on July 20

NO HOLDING BACK: Luke Heggie will perform in Launceston on July 20.
NO HOLDING BACK: Luke Heggie will perform in Launceston on July 20.

For comedian Luke Heggie, material is never far away.

Speaking ahead of his Fresh Comedy show on July 20, he said there had always been a seemingly never-ending stream of subjects for his jokes.

“My shows are all about the [expletive] I’ve met,” he said.

“As soon as you get out into the general public they are all there, so you never have to look very far for people to write about.”

Since winning the Melbourne International Comedy’s Raw Comedy event in 2010, he has appeared on ABC2’s Comedy Up Late, and Comedy Next Gen.

His 2016 show Anythink is Possible earned him an ARIA nomination for Best Comedy Release.

Launceston is his final Australian stop for his new show Tip Rat, before he heads overseas for a run of dates at the Soho Theatre in London.

From there, he will travel to Paris for a quick break, before coming back to Australia for more shows.

He said he made sure to balance his touring schedule with plenty of shows in his home town.

“It’s pretty relentless,” he said.

“I keep leaving at the moment, but when I get back from London, I’ll be here pretty much until the end of the year.

“Even when I’m in Sydney, I’ll probably be doing shows five or six nights a week.

“I’m lucky I’ve got a wife who is very supportive.”

Heggie’s home life forms the basis for some of his jokes, with everything from interactions with his wife’s friends husbands to observations about marriage making it into previous sets.

His no-holds-barred approach has also extended to broader topics such as feminism. 

Heggie said the current climate meant he was more likely to offend someone he didn’t know rather than a familiar face he references on stage.

“Everyone seems to have a voice now,” he said.

“My wife knows that it’s just jokes.

“It’s not like she is a blogger from Melbourne who is going to pounce on everything I say.

“You only have to look on a news website to see stories about someone getting ‘slammed’ for their comments, when in fact they are just being criticised by six idiots on Twitter.

“That’s not getting slammed.”

  • Luke Heggie will perform at the Royal Oak on July 20 as part of Fresh Comedy. Doors open at 8.30pm for the show. Supports include  Dan Willis, Kerri Gay, and Steve Mcnees. Tickets available through