Grand final fever hits North Launceston Bombers fan

Ava Hawkins, 8, did not miss a Bombers home game last year.

And the only games the die-hard North Launceston Football Club fan missed this season were those that were too far away.

“Every Saturday, we had to go to every game,” Ava said.

“I still am full-on Bombers.”

She could not wait to see the Bombers take to the field against rivals Lauderdale in the grand final match at UTAS Stadium on Saturday.

“Since when I was born, I’ve pretty much been a Bomber’s fan,” Ava said.

Last year, she cheered and yelled herself hoarse and nearly completely lost her voice.

Her dad played with the North Launceston Football Club and worked at the club, she said.

“My favourite thing about the Bombers is once they win going into the rooms and hearing them sing their song.”

It was a victory song she hoped to hear after the match finished.

Ava got into the team spirit early as Fancy Faces face painter Penny Beeston coloured her face in black and red.

Looking in the mirror, she beamed at her transformed face, which matched her guernsey.

When asked what she thought the final result of the game would be, she said, “they’re going to win. They’re going to smash them.”

Although she didn’t necessarily want them to be first on the score card to start with.

“If they don’t score first, I think that’s good luck. If they score first, it’s still good luck, but not as much.”

Ava hoped to be putting on a Bombers guernsey and taking to the field to play football next season.

Torie Beeston, 10, has Bombers blood.

“Well my family all plays for the Bombers, except Mum and I, and I’m starting up next year,” Torie said.

She will be cheering on number 18, her brother’s number, at Saturday’s game.

Torie liked how well they played and was excited to watch the grand final match.

Expect to see their faces and hear their cheers, as Torie and Ava plan to show off their tricks and hold up banners all game, while roaring their chant.

“Let’s go Bombers, let’s go!”

  • The North Launceston Bombers will contest the Tasmanian State League title against Lauderdale at 3.30pm on Saturday at UTAS Stadium.