Midland Highway road from Devon Hills to Perth to be resealed

Repairs to fix a defective seal on two kilometres of road between Devon Hills and Perth will begin soon, says the State Growth Department. 

In July the department confirmed stone chips in the seal failed to stick to the bitumen on the new section of the Midland Highway, causing stones to come loose in some sections. 

A statement released by the department on Monday said while the aim was to always build road projects without any defects, but they do sometimes occur.

“To fix the road surface an additional layer of spray seal now needs to be laid, and this process requires warmer temperatures so the bitumen remains hot enough to hold the aggregate,” the statement said.

Works to reseal the road between Devon Hills and Perth will begin as soon as the weather is suitable. 

“We understand community frustration on this issue and thank road users for their patience,” the statement said.

The repairs will be completed under the existing contract and will be at no extra cost.