Boags Brewery sign removed for glorious restoration

For years some letters failed to illuminate, but Launceston’s landmark Boags Brewery sign has been removed for repairs.

Each night for several years, the striking red neon sign at the end of George Street read; Boags Brew.

At the weekend the sign, sacred for many in Launceston, was taken down to undergoe a month’s worth of repairs and painting.

James Boags brewery manager Nathan Calman said the sign would be restored to its “former glory” after standing on the building for the past 40 years. 

The repairs come in a significant year of development at the Launceston brewery.

Its waste discharge capabilities will be improved by fitting and installing new wastewater facilities.

Boags’ Williams Street site will be fitted with a water storage tank, and additional pipelines which will travel below ground and above over existing buildings, before connecting to the sewer in The Esplanade.