Break O'Day Council to install LED lights in region

The lights being installed in Launceston
The lights being installed in Launceston

The Break O’Day Council is taking the next step to make the region more environmentally friendly. 

The Northern Lights Program will see all the street lights in the region replaced by LEDs. 

Break O’Day Mayor Mick Tucker said there were significant benefits to the program. 

“We have to look at the long-term and what is the very best for our community. The LED replacement program is definitely one of those,” he said.

Cr Tucker said there would be benefits for the environment and to the council’s bottom line. 

The council expects to eventually replace all the street lights in the region. 

“All of the street lights we actually pay for. So we want to get the best value that we can possibly get out of the money that we spend,” Cr Tucker said. 

“It should be, over a period of time, a complete replacement program. It’s not much use doing half of them and doing the other half in the older type.”

Cr Tucker said he was unsure of when the project would be completed. 

“The actual people themselves who can do the changeover are very limited and you have to work in with them because they’ll be doing other regions as well,” he said. 

“The Northern Lights Program is a very exciting project for a lot of councils and it’s a very big project. It’s not going to happen over night.” 


Cr Tucker said he was unable to speculate on the project’s cost.

“The reality is that we’ve got to go through a process … Our office will be doing a full report and it’ll be put out to tender,” he said. 

While the council has to “wait its turn”, Cr Tucker said the long-term benefits were evident. 

“They’re real and we can all see that. It’s just a matter of slotting in and becoming a part of it,” he said.  

Cr Tucker hoped the project would go out to tender soon. 

“It’s a very big project, and it’s worthwhile. We do understand the benefits of LEDs,” he said.