Toll Group's $20 million Launceston transport hub gets council approval

A state-of-the-art freight hub will be created in Launceston after the city council approved the Toll Group’s development application at Monday’s meeting.

The $20 million redevelopment will see existing buildings extended and refurbished, new buildings constructed and a rail link on Toll Group’s site off Dowling Street.

At least 10 residents from the surrounding area spoke against the development.

Particular concerns regarding the development application included risk of excessive noise, dust, bright security lights and vehicle movements.

The speakers called on the aldermen to address numerous conditions within the development application, with a major focus on reducing Toll’s operational hours.

This saw the motion suspended to allow council officers to gather more information.


Residents in nearby streets asked if use of the truck wash area and backwards truck movements, which create reversing alarms, could be limited to between 6am and 8pm, not 6am and 10pm as the permit suggested.

However, due to a Coles delivery which arrives at 8.30pm this was deemed impossible.

Alderman Hugh McKenzie said there were limitations to achieve what the residents had requested because the zoning was light-industrial and Toll’s use was existing and permitted.

“This is not a new business and the objections can be seen as an opportunity to raise concerns in the way Toll has performed in the past,” he said.

The dust was unacceptable, Ald McKenzie said, but a major part of the redevelopment would be to better manage the issue.

City of Launceston consultant Chloe Lyne said a number of additional conditions had been placed on the Toll Group as a reminder of their operating obligations to the neighbouring property owners.

Enforcing particular hours of operations would result in a costly appeal, she said.

Claire Gregg spoke on behalf of Toll and said the application represented a much-needed investment in the existing site with the key objectives safety, amenity and efficiency.