Postal plebiscite to be heard by full bench of the High Court

Andrew Wilkie
Andrew Wilkie

A hearing has been set in the Federal Court to decide whether the government’s planned postal plebiscite is constitutional.

Tasmanian independent MHR Andrew Wilkie, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays spokeswoman Shelley Argent, and Felicity Marlowe applied this week to have the court examine the plan.

The High Court on Friday granted the application and set a hearing date for September 5 and 6.

The government, in turn, will not distribute postal vote papers before September 12.

Mr Wilkie described the decision to set a hearing as good news for those who opposed the postal vote.

“I remain firm in my belief that the government is exceeding its powers by attempting to conduct a postal vote,” he said.

Mr Wilkie said the process would be a misuse of public funds and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.