Activists say greyhound rescued from meat truck in China could be Tasmanian

Hope, the greyhound rescued from a meat truck in China. Picture: Facebook
Hope, the greyhound rescued from a meat truck in China. Picture: Facebook

The Office of Racing Integrity is investigating claims a Tasmanian greyhound was rescued from a meat truck on its way to a slaughterhouse in China.

An ear tattoo on the dog, named Hope by its rescuers, started with a ‘T’, which animal activists said could link it to Tasmania.

“At this stage there is not enough information available to determine the origin of the dog, however, the Office of Racing Integrity is undertaking further enquiries,” a Primary Industries Department spokesman said.

“There are rules in place for the international movement of racing greyhounds. A breach of the rules would result in an investigation being undertaken by ORI where stewards conduct an enquiry and penalties can be imposed.”

A Tasracing spokesman said the organisation was aware of the investigation.

“Tasracing has been advised by ORI that it is investigating the matter and will be advised when that investigation is concluded,” he said.

Photos and videos of Hope were posted and shared on social media, where the allegations were made that she may have been a former Tasmanian racing greyhound.

“This is Hope. She is a tattooed racing greyhound that was exported to China,” UK animal activist Kerry Elliman wrote.

“She was pulled out of the meat truck vans on the way to the slaughterhouse. I can't thank the people in China enough for what they do to save these dogs. Hope went to Wang’s shelter who is amazing and takes as many dogs as he can… Hope is around eight years old, she has really bad mange.

“She’s at the vets being treated and if she gets the all clear from distemper, she will be moved to the boarding kennels where we will get her ready over the next three months to come to the UK. People are trying to trace her ear marks. It looks like she's Australian.”

Brightside Farm Sanctuary shared the post, writing: “This poor greyhound was exported from Australia to China. Her ear tattoo starts with a ‘T’. Greyhounds with ear tattoos starting with ‘T’ come from Tasmania.”