James Bond's Aston Martin on display in Launceston

In a slim tuxedo with a sharp bow tie, the region’s biggest James Bond fan was not shaken in the presence of 007’s signature machine. 

Parked at the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania is the 1969 Aston Martin DBS Vantage.

Driven by Bond actor George Lazenby, the Aston Martin played a starring role in the Bond classic; On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

 Southern Cross weatherman Peter Murphy is undoubtedly Tasmania’s biggest James Bond tragic, owning about 70 model cars, five action figures, photographs, film negatives, and all the movies on DVD.

With a martini in hand before 10am on Thursday, Murphy could have been mistaken for Bond himself as he gazed over 007’s Aston machine, which was the scene of a tragic ending to the 1969 film. 

“This is the film where Tracy, his wife, was sprayed with bullets in the last scene in this particular car,” he said. 

The car is one of seven featured in the museum’s Caught on Camera: Movie Magic, collection.

Also featuring in the museum’s cinematic car collection is a Sunbeam Alpine from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1955 production, To Catch a Thief.

Walt Disney’s Herbie, inspired Rudolf Zehetgruber to produce a series of comedy films starring Superbug, a yellow sentient Beetle.

As testament to the Volkswagen Beetle’s immense contribution to popular culture, the Superbug and Herbie cars are displayed together.

But in typical Bond fashion, it is the Aston Martin that plays a classy but subtle role in the display.

Caught on Camera: Movie Magic, will be on display at the museum until October.