Tasmanian Parliament Question Time wrap

On the day before Parliament went on its winter break, there was particularly spirited debate in the lower house.

Opposition Leader Rebecca White asked Health Minister Michael Ferguson if the administrative wing of the Tasmanian Health Service had been accessing patients’ health records.

“We take matters of patient records extremely seriously,” Mr Ferguson said.

The Minister took the opportunity to again deride Labor’s proposal to put patients in hotel beds to ease the pressure on the state’s health system.

Premier Will Hodgman dug the heels in when he said Ms White was “all hat and no cattle” and that she had “failed to land a single blow” in scrutinising the 2017-18 state budget.

Greens leader Cassy O’Connor raised the issue of a jetty being constructed at Okehampton Bay, for which she implied proper approvals had not been obtained.

Salmon producer Tassal is planning to expand its fish farming operations into the bay, which is situated on the East Coast.

Primary Industries Minister Jeremy Rockliff said the government was “ensuring” community consultation on the proposed expansion.

“Yes, we are consulting with industry,” he said.

“But we will also be consulting with the broader community.”

Mr Rockliff said he thought the community was “getting a little tired of the Greens, quite frankly”.

The Opposition continued to pressure the government to release the legal advice it received on its proposed takeover of TasWater.

Labor local government spokeswoman Madeleine Ogilvie asked Treasurer Peter Gutwein whether his “secrecy” would continue.

While Mr Gutwein did not table the advice, he said what the government intended to do was “lawful”.

“We are absolutely confident that we can lawfully take over TasWater,” he told the house.

Ms White called on Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma to clarify whether or not she had misled the house when she said in November 2016 that the Children’s Commissioner Mark Morrissey had been appointed to the Child Protection Redesign Oversight Committee.

On Thursday, Ms Petrusma said Mr Morrissey was a “very integral part” of the redesign of the state’s child protection services.

The lower house will reconvene on August 8.