Tasmanian travel podcast listed as finalist

WORKING: Lucy Byrne and Penny Terry are developing a podcast showcasing Tassie - the local way. Picture: Piia Wirsu
WORKING: Lucy Byrne and Penny Terry are developing a podcast showcasing Tassie - the local way. Picture: Piia Wirsu

There’s no better way to get the measure of a place than talking to the locals and finding out where to go, what to see and who to speak to. 

Launceston sisters and Healthy Tasmania founders Lucy Byrne and Penny Terry’s idea to create the first travel podcast about Tasmania has recently been listed as a finalist in the Regional Australia Institute Lightbulb Moments competition. 

The Travel Like a Local podcast will capture the quirky, spontaneous and unique moments of life on the apple isle, presenting the little-known gems of regional Tasmania and promoting them as places to visit, explore and live. 

“In my entire career in media I've been travelling around Tasmania and ... finding these awesome spots and going, ‘Why don't people know about this? If people knew about this they'd come here, imagine what that would do for this little community of people’,” Ms Terry said.

“I think if we can give that to people in an easy, palatable way, right at the crucial time when podcasting and tourism are booming; I mean the stories are there, they’re endless, it’s just finding a way to get them out to our market.”

Presented by Ms Terry, the podcast will travel to different regional areas to speak to tourism operators, community leaders and, of course, the locals.

Ms Byrne said it will give a voice to regional communities and, “Give them the power and the connection to their potential market that they normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to connect with.”

“If you get the locals to tell you where to go and what to do and why it's a good place, then you get a bigger buy in,” Ms Terry said. 

“It’s about getting that buy in and getting the locals to have ownership.”

Ms Terry and Ms Byrne will now work with the Regional Australia Institute to develop their idea and begin to secure stakeholders. 

The winners of the Lightbulb Moments competition will be announced in May, Ms Byrne said winning the competition would help secure investment and stakeholder buy-in to the project. 

The duo are keen to hear from anyone who might be interested in contributing, supporting or partnering with them. They can be contacted via their website, healthytasmania.com.au or at Lucy.Byrne@healthytasmania.com.au.