New arts programs legacy of outgoing chair Damian Bugg

Emerging Tasmanian artists have been given a hand up by outgoing chair of the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board. 

Several new programs have been established by Damian Bugg, funded from his fees as chair which he forewent for the initiative. 

“Basically what I’d hoped to achieve was the provision of either a bursary or scholarship which would enable young or emerging artists to have an exposure to their art form outside Tasmania, with a view to exposing them to the work in their field that other artists and teachers in the area are undertaking,” Mr Bugg said. 

Opportunities are offered in contemporary music, contemporary visual arts, arts literature and performing arts. 

“I think it just means so much to people's quality of life to have not only an appreciation of the arts but also the presence of young and talented artists who are receiving a good education in the arts and then displaying their skills within the community for the broader cultural benefit if the community,” Mr Bugg said. 

Mr Bugg said he is not the only one who has contributed to supporting the arts. 

“There are more people who are supporting the arts directly and anyone who participates in an artistic performance, or attends and pays their fare to an artistic performance is supporting the arts. So, you could say we are all supporters of the arts,” he said. 

“Its good to have the opportunity to be able to contribute in some way.”