Cannabis killer out on parole

A WAVERLEY man who killed an acquaintance after an argument to do with $15 worth of cannabis has been paroled.

Marshall Shane Hannah, 39, was found guilty of the manslaughter of Ronald Digney at a party in 2009.

According to the Parole Board, Mr Hannah's crime involved punching the victim who fell down concrete steps and fractured his skull, causing his death.

He was sentenced to five years' imprisonment starting March 2009 with a non-parole period of three years.

The offender was released on parole in 2012, however it was revoked the following year due to breach involving drug use.

The board said it would be "highly undesirable" for Mr Hannah, who was due to be officially released from prison next month, to be put back into the community without supervision.

Meanwhile, a man who attempted to hold up a Scottsdale bank and then robbed a customer at knifepoint has been paroled from prison.

Steven Wayne Hodgetts, 30, of Lilydale, was sentenced to three years and six months' jail over the 2011 incident.

Mr Hodgetts had walked into the Commonwealth Bank armed with a filleting knife, which he held very close to the face of a female customer after the bank teller refused to comply.

Mr Hodgetts made off with $1090 before being picked up by police.

He fled during the police interview before being apprehended and charged with escape.