Sticky notes shown as evidence in theft trial

YELLOW sticky notes with amounts of money and messages scribbled on them were shown in evidence yesterday as part of the records of a Launceston businesswoman accused of theft.

Commonwealth prosecutors have accused Newstead woman Susie Fisher of having stolen more than $30,000 from Australia Post, between April 2011 and May 2012, when she was a franchisee.

The franchise was part of her pharmacy business in George Town Road, Newnham.

Ms Fisher has previously pleaded not guilty to three counts of theft.

Yesterday, the Crown called a former employee, who last worked for Ms Fisher in 2012, to give evidence.

During evidence-in-chief, the woman recalled an incident in 2012 when Ms Fisher arrived at work and her handbag contained about $15,000 cash.

She told the court that she helped Ms Fisher count the money, which, she was told, was for the purpose of balancing the safe because of an expected audit from Australia Post.

The woman also looked at a display folder in the witness box, and she read to the court what she recognised of Ms Fisher's handwriting on yellow sticky notes and other pieces of paper.

She read jottings which included, "This piece of paper = $4000 + $3000 + $3500, total $10,500", "$900 put in safe", "$400 IOU", "this is a $1200 note" and "this $1200 is back".

The Crown called another former employee, who resigned in 2013, to give evidence.

Under cross-examination from defence solicitor Evan Hughes, the woman said she and other staff were, on occasion, instructed by Ms Fisher to withhold part of her post office earnings and use the money to "fix up the safe" when it was short, to bring it back into balance.

Mr Hughes suggested to the woman that she had resigned because newly installed security cameras would record her stealing money, but the woman denied this.

The defence had also accused another ex-employee of theft earlier on in the proceedings.

The hearing, before magistrate Reg Marron, continues today.