Promises flowing fast and furious

FROM grants for football oval upgrades across the state to a multimillion-dollar elective surgery blitz, the Liberals have been the big spenders of the campaign in what has been described as a "parish pump" style campaign.

At the end of the campaign the Liberals' spending tally has hit almost $400 million.

They are commitments the state can't afford, according to Labor, which has offered Tasmanians a far more modest $163 million worth of proposals.

Labor has submitted all of its policies to Treasury for an assessment on the impact to the bottom line while the Greens tried to inject some big-picture ideas into the campaign and finished with more than $200 million worth of promises to lure voters.

All three parties identified savings to pay for their commitments, the Liberals making the biggest cuts, including shrinking the public service by 500 full-time positions.


TOP 20


•Elective surgery - $76m. Reopen and staff up to 40 hospital beds, employ an extra 110 full-time equivalent frontline health professionals.

•Police numbers - $33m. An extra 108 police officers including 23 to reinstate the Public Order Response Team and create a Serious and Organised Crime Squad, including a Cold Case Unit.

•Extending high schools to year 12 - $54m. Extend 21 high schools to year 12 in four years, employ 105 new teachers and 25 new literacy and numeracy specialists.

•Abolish suspended sentences - $0. Work with the Sentencing Advisory Council to investigate other options such as home detention.

•International shipping - $33m (over 3 years). Underwrite a shipping company to provide a direct shipping link from Bell Bay and Asia.

•Fuel reduction burning - $28.5m.

•Fast-track development in National Parks and World Heritage areas - $0.

•Planning system reform - $0.

•Crack down on development appeals. Limit third-party appeal rights, increase fee to appeal RMPAT decisions and award costs to successful parties.

•Establish the Office of the Co-ordinator-General - $8m. New department arm based in Launceston with 10 staff.

•More tourists on Spirit of Tasmania - $0. Ask TT- Line to cut fares.

•Crack down on illegal protesters - $0. On-the-spot fines of up to $10,000 for an individual and up to $100,000 for corporations.

•Cut red tape by 20 per cent - $0.

•Increase speed limits for P1 and P2 drivers.

•Reopen Arthur-Pieman tracks to 4WD - $300,000.

•Small business jobs bonus - $2m.

•Extend payroll tax relief - $4m. Businesses exempt from paying payroll tax for new jobs until June 2015.

•Energy - $2.5m. Flagged reducing electricity prices for major industrial users.

•Reduce hospital admissions, including restoring Hospital in the Home - $3m.

•Suicide prevention - $3m.


•Schoolkids bonus - $14m. $100 for each low- income student and a further $100 for a 95 per cent attendance rate.

•Stay to year 12 - $6m. Employ 22 extra teachers.

•Irrigation - $30m (over 6 years).

•International shipper - market-dependent. Promised to finalise negotiations with Swire Shipping to conduct regular services between Bell Bay and Asia.

•Silicon smelter assistance - $10m. Financial incentive to attract a private investor to build a silicon smelter.

•Pulp mill tax relief - $15m a year.

•Road upgrades - $110m (over six years, $60m new money).

•Feasibility study into second Bass Link - $1.5m.

•Tasmanian Jobs and Investment Fund - $5m.

•Tourism and events - $11m. Includes $3m for marketing campaigns in Queensland, $6m extra for events and $2m to attract more international students.

•Crack down on violence against women - $1m.

•Emergency services - $8.6m. An extra 15 police officers, 12 high-visibility vehicles and $2m for the State Emergency Service.

•Elective surgery - $10m (over 2 years).

•Apprentices - $2.2m. New trade apprentices will get $200 and greater access to travel and accommodation allowances.

•Rebuild St Helens Hospital - $11.5m.

•Housing Tasmania Heating Upgrades - $4m.

•Mental health - $3m.

•New wharves, jetties and boat ramps - $2.25m new money (over five years).

•Kings Meadows flood protection - $3m.

•Free access to Aurora power poles for NBN Co - $25m (over 20 years).


•Preventative health - $13m.

•Brand Tasmania - $12.2m.

•Adventure Tourism - $12m. Develop an Adventure Tourism in the Wild West strategy, create the Tarkine National Park and provide grants to create nature-based tourism businesses.

•Fast Bass Strait catamaran feasibility study - $100,000. A large high- speed catamaran could replace the Spirit of Tasmania vessels, which are due to be replaced or refurbished in 2017.

•Riverline light rail proposal - $100m.

•Cleaning up the Tamar - $11.5m.

•Building the Tasmanian Broadband Network - $3.42m.

•Asylum seeker policy - $5.4m.

•Creative industries - $12.7m. Bid to attract a Guggenheim in Tasmania.

•Disability employment - $2.5m.

•Equality for LGBTQI - $850,000. Introduce same- sex marriage legislation, expunge criminal records for men convicted of gay sex and reduce discrimination.

•Restore the Tasmanian Forests Agreement. Undo upper house changes.

•Cross laminated timber industry - $11.5m. Build a CLT manufacturing facility in the North-West and require Housing Tasmania to use its products.

•Empowering women and girls - $5m.

•Mental health - $3.75m.

•Dedicated arson group - $2.3m.

•Public sector modernising workplaces - $6m.

•Introduce state-based cash for containers scheme - $350,000.


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