No jail for bashing 'aberration'

A RIVERSIDE man who bashed "the hell" out of his partner and threatened to kill her has avoided jail.

Daniel Leigh Evans pleaded guilty yesterday in the Launceston Magistrates Court to common assault.

The 40-year-old attacked his partner in May 2012 at Riverside after she got out of the car because he'd become verbally abusive.

Evans grabbed the woman and dragged her to their home, kneeing her to the leg in the process.

Once in the house he threw her on to a bed, climbed on top of her and headbutted the back of her head.

While holding her down he punched her in the back, police prosecutor Natalie Clark told the court.

She said Evans pursued the woman through the home after she got away, throwing her in to a glass shower recess, which broke.

As the victim tried to calm Evans he put a clothes line under her chin, threatening to strangle her and slit her throat.

He said he would track her down and kill her if she went to the police.

Police arrived and arrested him.

The woman suffered injuries to the back of the head and soreness but did not require treatment.

Lawyer Adrian Hall conceded it was a very serious assault but said Evans had never attempted to strangle the woman.

He said Evans had been extremely drunk and did not have a history of violence.

Mr Hall described the attack as an "aberration".

Magistrate Reg Marron accepted it was out of character for Evans to begin "smashing the hell out of this woman" but said it was an extremely serious assault.

He sentenced Evans to three months' jail wholly suspended for two years and fined him $400 for a related breach of bail.