DNA found on bags: drugs trial told

The trial of two men accused of trafficking methylamphetamine  in Launceston has continued this morning.

Prosecution led evidence from forensic scientist Rita Westbury regarding DNA from one of the men - Clint Graeme Stanisz - on  bags containing the drug found in his Kings Meadows home. 

Mr Stanisz and  Scott Wayne Evenett  have pleaded not guilty to trafficking more than four ounces of Meth on or before August 3, 2011.

Ms Westbury said DNA taken from all three bags matched Mr Stanisz's DNA with a statistical weighting of 1 in 28 to 1 in 581,000.

She said the highest possible match carried a weighting of 1 in 100 million. 

Yesterday the court heard detectives form the drug squad had taken the drug bags from Mr Stanisz's fridge and placed them on the kitchen bench.

Ms Westbury said it was possible Mr Stanizs's DNA  on the kitchen bench was transferred to the bags without him ever touching them.

However she said this was unlikely in her opinion.

That trial continues