Aurora Energy culture toxic

A LEAKED assessment of Aurora Energy's culture paints a disturbing picture of a toxic workplace and a poor attitude to customers.

More than 1000 staff were asked to complete the survey, which assessed whether the state-owned energy retailer's employees, processes and policies contributed to achieving its ``target qualities'' of being customer-centric, empowering, communicative and  accountable and having  risk mastery. 

The assessment, carried out by a management consultant, also rated levels of  ``core qualities'' in the workforce identified by Aurora as being principled, responsible, purposeful, composed, open and  humble.  

The business scored below 50 on each of the 11 identified qualities and performed worse in every category compared with  the 2009 survey results. 

The biggest decline was on being communicative, while risk mastery had the lowest score of just 23.  

Only 22 per cent agreed that the workplace culture encouraged employees to ``not be controlling'' and even less thought it ensured they ``do not build their own power base''. 

Forty per cent considered the business was passionate about customers and did not avoid customer contact. 

Aurora spokesman Richard Wilson said the results were  disappointing  but understandable given the uncertainty caused by the planned electricity industry reforms.  

``With the sale of our retail electricity customers and the merger of our distribution business with Transend, all Aurora employees will be affected in some way within 18 months,'' Mr Wilson said. 

``It is understandable that many of our employees are concerned for their futures.''