Order released to control spread of soft-shell clams in Tasmania

Soft-shell clam found at Orford. Picture: TMAG
Soft-shell clam found at Orford. Picture: TMAG

Tasmania’s Marine Resources director Grant Pullen published an order to control the spread of soft-shell clam within the state in the Tasmanian Government Gazette.

The order puts “restrictions on the take and possession of that harmful pest to control and prevent the spread and introduction or re-introduction of Mya japonica into areas of state waters”.

Only Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment department staff and Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery employees conducting research or biosecurity activities can possess soft-shell clams.

The order was dated July 9, 2018.

Discovery of soft-shell clams at Orford, on the state’s East Coast, in June was the first case of the exotic shellfish in the Southern Hemisphere.

At the time Primary Industries Minister Sarah Courtney said there were indications that the clams may have been present in the waterway for some time.