Number of roads closed after heavy snow fall

More than 12 centimetres of snow has fallen at the Great Lake on Sunday. 

At about 1.45pm, no weather related incidents had been reported to police. 


  • Highland Lakes Road at Blackburn Creek to the intersection to Liffey/Golden Valley (Riversdale Road)
  • Tunbridge Teir Road at Interlaken
  • Poatina Road from Poatina Village to Highland Lakes Road
  • Lakes Secondary Road from Miena to Golden Valley
  • Liena Road, Mole Creek


  • Dove Lake Road (from the rangers station to Dove Lake) – 4WD only
  • Belvoir Road from the Murchison Highway to Cradle Mountain Road (Learys Corner) – 4WD only
  • Lyell Highway, Mt Arrowsmith – Open but has ‘slushy’ ice on road, proceed with caution

Further information about road closures can be found on the Tasmania Police website under the community alerts section. 

In the state’s North-West, a damaging wind alert and severe weather warnings have also been issued. 

The Bureau of Meteorology issued the North-West Coast and King Island regions with the warning. 

Winds are expected to moderate slightly on Sunday evening.

Locations which may be affected include Burnie, Currie, Smithton, Whitemark, Strahan, Queenstown, Zeehan, Bothwell, Tarraleah, Geeveston, Dover and Huonville.

The State Emergency Service advises that people should: 

  • Supervise children closely. 
  • Check that family and neighbours are aware of warnings. 
  • Manage pets and livestock. 
  • Secure outdoor items including furniture and play equipment. 
  • Be prepared in case of power outages and report any outages to TasNetworks on 132 004. 
  • Beware of damaged trees and power lines and take care when driving.

Tasman Island recorded the highest wind gusts in the last 12 hours when it reached 126km/h.

Cape Grim, Maatsuyker Island, Cape Bruny, Mount Read, Hartz and Scotts Peak, and Flinders Island also recorded winds of above 100km/h.