McDonald's South Launceston expansion work begins

Construction on the brand new McDonald’s South Launceston store has begun.

The $5 million total project for the new state-of-the-art store, licenced by franchisee Steven Nicholas, includes a plan to demolish the present McDonald’s and put a larger car park in its place.

The planned car park upgrade is designed to address bottle neck issues that can delay drivers.

The development proposal took some time to pass through council since its first submission in 2016, with plans for the drive-thru re-advertised.

Expanding over a block of land next door, originally the site of VIP Sheds, the Howick Street site will also take on new play equipment and ordering facilities. 

Earthworks began this week, with the overall construction understood to be completed by August.

The present McDonald’s South Launceston store is still easily accessible, with the drive-thru relocated closer to the store.

Mr Nicholas was not available for comment on Thursday.