Tasmanian men deny attempting to import MDMA

Two men accused of attempting to import drugs into Australia will face the Launceston Supreme Court in February.

The charges followed an Australian Federal Police raid last month during which it was alleged a quantity of MDMA was seized.

The Launceston  men are both accused of attempting to import a border controlled drug and possessing a border controlled drug reasonably suspected of having been unlawfully imported.

Toby Della Valle, 27, pleaded not guilty to both charges in the Launceston Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

His co-accused, 34-year-old Shea Alex Gibbling, maintained his previous plea of not guilty.

Both men were granted bail on their last appearance and Magistrate Simon Brown continued that bail on Tuesday.

They will appear in the Launceston Supreme Court on February 5.

A person found to be importing a border controlled drug faces up to 10 years’ jail. If a person is found to have imported a commercial quantity they face life in prison.