Launceston jury hears man allegedly raped 18-year-old stepdaughter

An alleged rape victim says she woke up in her mother’s bed after a night of drinking to find her stepfather having sex with her.

The 22-year-old cried as she gave evidence during a trial in the Launceston Supreme Court on Tuesday, more than four years after the alleged assault in March, 2013.

She told the court she thought she was “paralysed” when her stepfather is alleged to have been on top of her, thrusting.

She was 18 at the time.

“I realised that he was having intercourse with me,” she said.

“I couldn’t move … I put my hand over my mouth … I remember tears coming down my face.”

She said she was in and out of consciousness but eventually asked him “what are you doing?”.

It was then, she alleges, he told her she was “having a nightmare” and to “go back to sleep”.

The court heard her mother was overseas at the time. Her stepfather is facing two charges – rape and indecent assault.

The Crown Prosecutor told the jury the relationship between the woman and her stepfather had changed as she got older and she claims he began making comments about how she looked, started slapping her on the butt and began to drink regularly with her.

She said on one occasion, she was bending over to put dishes away when he came up behind her, grabbed her on the waist and thrust himself into her.  

On another occasion, she said she had been drinking with him and woke up the following morning with no clothes on. 

The young woman told the court before the alleged rape, there was an incident where he touched her vagina while giving her a massage – which led to the indecent assault charge. 

The defence case claims that at no point did the man rape or indecently assault his stepdaughter. 

Defence lawyer Evan Hughes suggested that when the woman and her family confronted the accused, he said “why are you making this shit up, it’s serious shit” and told the woman to go to the police.

Mr Hughes also suggested she continued to live with her stepfather after he allegedly raped her and continued to go to the club where he worked for free drinks.

He also suggested she texted him to bring her food after he finished a shift in April 2013, a month after the alleged incident.

“He rapes you, but you’re asking him to bring you McDonald's,” Mr Hughes said.

Mr Hughes questioned the woman about her actions when she allegedly woke up to find her stepfather raping her.

“You did not shout out at him … push or punch … you used the simple words ‘what are you doing?’,” he said.

“I was in shock,” she replied.

The trial before Justice Michael Brett will continue on Wednesday.