Your Say: Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Rail Car Welcome

THANK YOU for the excellent coverage (The Examiner, September 7). Your reporter was able to see the strong support by passing motorists and truck drivers. Dorset Council has not received $1.47 million from the federal government. Launceston North-East Railway member Wendy McLennan, on her recent visit to Canberra, met with officers of Federal Infrastructure Minister Darren Chester’s department and was advised funds had not been paid as they were awaiting the outcome of the study undertaken by the state government. The purpose of the fund is to generate employment in rural areas, since Premier Will Hodgman stated on television that the government was open to diversification and the subsequent $50,000 study undertaken at the behest of Treasurer Peter Gutwein

Brian P. Khan,  Launceston North-East Railway group member, Bridport.

Frontline workers

I DOUBT applicants for frontline positions will be deterred by the action as you claim - the occasionally dangerous nature of the job and the high staff turnover/burnout rate is already well known. Rather, I imagine a positive response to the action will reassure applicants that workloads are manageable, and encourage them to take on this vital work at the forefront of some of our most complex social problems.

I was very encouraged by your recent announcement of extra funding for child safety, so I was surprised to hear about the planned action. I attended the rally as a member of the public and chatted with some frontline workers afterwards. I was touched to hear the concern in their voices as they spoke of agonising over the decision to withdraw their services even for such a short time. I was impressed by the sincerity of the workers as they spoke about their fears for children and families who are not getting the attention they need as quickly as they need it.

Clearly, the additional funding you announced in May is appreciated, but more needs to be done, especially in the creation of additional frontline positions. I urge you to listen to those who are doing the job on behalf of all of us and give them what they need. Give our children a safer start.

Karen Annand, Kingston.