Woman charged with interfering in Neill-Fraser appeal

The Sue Neill-Fraser saga has produced a new twist.

Neill-Fraser was sentenced to 23 years’ jail for the murder of her partner Bob Chappell in 2009.

She has launched several appeals for her freedom, the most recent of which is still before the Supreme Court.

But now charges have been laid against a 41-year-old woman for interfering in Neill-Fraser’s appeal.

It has been alleged that Karen Patricia Nancy Keefe perverted the course of justice by providing false evidence in an affidavit relating to Neill-Fraser.

She has also been charged with corrupting a witness.

It is alleged that Ms Keefe agreed to receive funds totalling $93,000 in exchange for an understanding that a certain witness would provide false evidence in a judicial proceeding.

Ms Keefe was also charged with unlawful trafficking in firearms.

She is accused of trafficking in two Boito shotguns and one slug gun.

Neill-Fraser’s daughter Sarah Bowles was at the Hobart Magistrates Court when the charges against Ms Keefe were laid.

She said she was not prepared to comment on the matter.