Meander Valley Council allocate first round of community grants

More than $75,000 will be given back to the Meander Valley region this financial year in community grants. 

With four grant rounds each year, council aims to balance the funds at about $18,800 a quarter. 

Meander Valley’s community grants committee recommended 10 applications worth more than $20,000, which council endorsed at its July meeting.  

This will leave less cash for the next round of grants. 

More than $56,000 worth of grants was received by the council in total. 

Councillor Ian Mackenzie was on the committee, and said they believed they had the donation allocations right. 

“The applications were significant. It’s great to see near $24,000 coming back into the community,” Cr MacKenzie said. 

Councillor Michael Kelly said it was a “good day for Westbury”, which received more than half of the funds. 

Westbury Rotary Club received $3000 for safety upgrades to its food van. The club requested more than $8000.

Westbury Primary School’s parents and friends association received nearly $3000 for the Westbury Maypole Festival, and the town’s cricket club was allocated $2600 for a storage container. 

Meander Valley Suns applied for more than $5500 for match day footballs and received a grant of $2070. 

Mole Creek Progress Association received $2000 for the town’s community garden. Deloraine House and Goodstart Learning received the same amount for its community gardens. 

Darts Tasmania applied for $7150 for junior nationals, and was allocated $1850. 

Deloraine Golf Club received $1000 to renovate its greens and Prospect Combined Probus Club also received $1000 to subsidise cultural trips, against the $2800-plus it applied for. 

Three applications did not receive funding. 

Prospect Hawks’ request for kitchen equipment was refused because the club has not acquitted a previous agreement. 

Kimberley Progress Association requested $2565 for recreation ground toilets, but the council refused the application because of environmental health concerns for temporary toilets. LINC and Mole Creek Primary School applied for $2100.