Daughter was worried over Chappell's health

Richard King
Richard King

THE daughter of missing medical scientist Bob Chappell was concerned about her father's health and the safety of boats on the night Mr Chappell went missing, the Supreme Court in Hobart has heard.

The court yesterday heard from Clare Chappell's friend, Richard King, who said Ms Chappell suffered from delusions about the safety of those around her.

Mr Chappell went missing on January 26, 2009 from the yacht Four Winds, which was reported sinking on the morning of January 27.

The yacht was owned by Mr Chappell and his partner, Susan Blyth Neill- Fraser.

Ms Neill-Fraser has pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Chappell.

Mr King said he spoke to Ms Chappell on January 26 and found her to be terrified.

"She was becoming more concerned about the safety of yachts at sea and that her father was in very poor health," he said.

He said Ms Chappell's concerns about her father's health had led her to believe that he could die at any time.