Letters to the editor | April 22, 2017

R. Parker, of Summerhill, would like to see a comparison review into petrol prices.
R. Parker, of Summerhill, would like to see a comparison review into petrol prices.

Electricity Pricing

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced a national review on electricity pricing.

It will be most interesting to hear the findings and what the government intends to do with them and compare them with the results of the review into petrol pricing in Tasmania .

We Tasmanians are paying far too much for petrol and the same for electricity.  

Consumers in other states have a choice of several different electricity providers all competing for the consumer dollar, we in Tasmania do not have this choice .

Our State Government buys electricity for their department's consumption from the mainland states at a cheaper price not offered to the ordinary consumer .

Tasmanians are also being ripped off at the moment with the feed-in tariff offered to those customers with solar panels, that is six cents per kilowatt whilst being charged about 28 cents per kwh to buy electricity from Aurora .

Considering the dire straights our dam levels were at in early 2016 (13 per cent) and Energy Minister Groom's intended sale of the combined cycle Bell Bay gas power station and suffering a humiliating backdown, we solar energy producers deserve a better return for our investment in contributing to Tasmania's sustainable energy future .

R. Parker, Summerhill.

Tax Authorities

“AMAZON beats Australian tax authorities for $1.97 Billion” (The Examiner, March 28).

It is extremely disappointing when large online retailer can beat the Australian tax authorities of $1.97 billion.

Surely with the amount of taxation dollars it takes to run our taxation department they would be smarter than that.

All concerned must be extremely embarrassed that our tax department is beaten by smart accounting to cover this tax evasion.

Instead the Australian Federal Government choose to target easier low income earners income, and pensioners to save and raise revenue.

All the Australia’s financial problems would be solved if these well paid politician’s and tax office personnel, had the ability to tackle the huge retailers tax dodge.

“But so far it is obvious they don’t”.

Just one success would cover all the penny pinching attacks on the low income earners.

Truly this is a disgrace and the voters expect better with tax revenue from the large retailers.

Peter Doddy, Trevallyn.

Disabled Assaults

Where is the protection for these vulnerable people? 

Minister for Social Welfare says when NDIS is rolled out in 2018 things should improve.

What happens in the meantime? 

More assaults? 

More rapes?

Politicians, no more passing the buck. 

Show some humanity and guts.

Act now. 

Jump up and down until some action is taken. 

If I hear the word inquiry again I will scream. 

Police investigation immediately is the answer.

Listen to these victims that are crying for help and cringing in terror.

Minimum gaol term for these animals that run these homes and turn their backs on their defenceless clients should non-parole 20 years as they are as guilty as the perpetrators.

They are lower than a snake's belly and politicians that don’t act are not much better.

Shame on you all. 

Protect these beautiful special people.

Act immediately. 

Or will the silence be deafening once again?

Joan Radford, Newnham.