Your Say | April 21, 2017

Telecom, Scam or Not

I RECEIVED a call today on my mobile phone from a female talking very bad Americanised Pigeon English. She advised me that she was from Telecom wishing to possibly give me a better deal on our phone accounts.

Although nearly impossible to understand, she then advised me that she had our account up and could I tell her what services we had with Telstra. This made me smell a rat, so I hung up on her.

If this was a real Telstra employee, then Telstra's customer service department is a joke. Why can't one of the biggest and an Australian owned company employ people that at least speak so we can understand them.

It’s a real bonus to Telstra users to get someone from the company to call us, because it is impossible to try and call them, 45 minutes in the queue is the norm.

If it was a scam call why can't Telstra bar these callers because they're using the Telstra exchange systems, is that common sense?

Peter McLennan, Scottsdale.

Power bills

WE SOLD a property at the end of February and contacted the power company to have the power cut off.

About a week after, we received a letter confirming that the power had been disconnected and we had a $717 credit.

Nothing in the letter to advise if the credit was going to be refunded.

I contacted the power company after three weeks and they advised "oh yes we will refund that", as yet we are still to see the refund.

I wonder if I owed the money to the power company if they would still be waiting patiently or would I have been disconnected by now.

Lynette Lovell, King island.

Thank you

I WOULD like to thank the young man who came to my assistance on Friday, March 31 at the Prospect Vale Market Place.

He rang for the paramedics and while waiting for them to arrive, he comforted me at a terrifying time for me.

Thank you.

Leonie Dyer, Deloraine.