The Launceston Competitions Association has expressed disappointment at the proposed closure of Birchalls.
The Launceston Competitions Association has expressed disappointment at the proposed closure of Birchalls.

Birchalls closure

ON BEHALF of the members of Launceston Competitions Association, I express disappointment at the proposed closure of Birchalls store.

For many years the staff at Birchalls have allowed us to leave schedules at the counter to be collected by intending competitors.

They have also sold printed programmes on our behalf without adding any charges.

This has been an important service to both the community and our association for which we have been very grateful.

Margaret East, OAM, Honorary Secretary, Launceston Competitions Association.

Solomon Islands

I WONDER how Jack Sonneman would feel about climate change if he lived on the Solomon Islands (The Examiner, January 3). A University of Queensland study shows that five islands present in the Solomons in 1947 had disappeared by 2014 and another six islands had shrunk. On one of them, 11 houses have been washed into the sea since 2011.

Whilst climate change is undoubtedly complex, it would appear denial is simply a matter of finding some convenient statistics. One gets the impression that some sceptics won't accept human influenced climate change until they literally get their feet wet.

Tony Newport, Hillwood.

Chinese New Year

THE upcoming Chinese new year is “The Year of the Rooster”. Let’s hope we all get lots to crow about.

David Parker, West Launceston.

Labor’s woes

LABORS Craig Farrell is following in his leader’s (Bryan Green) footsteps when he comes out with retorts like “It's just propaganda”  when asked for comment on the government's report card.

And then tops that off with “Tasmanians have no reason to be optimistic about Premier Hodgman and his claims of what he is doing”. Wake up Mr Farrell and look around you what is being done around Tasmania because it's obvious you and your leader doesn't.

David Parker, West Launceston.

Papal infallibility

REGINALD Trebilco is enraged that catholics, the founders of Christianity, consider the Pope’s statements to be the word of God (The Examiner, January 7). I am bemused that he should say this as he undoubtedly relies on his personal understanding of the Bible.

May I recommend that he reads more carefully: "He who hears you hears me" (Luke 10:16), and "Whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven" (Matt. 18:18).

Personally I find it disappointing that any monotheistic religious follower reads the book so selectively that they can ignore points such as “Love thy neighbour as thyself” Mathew, whilst seizing on Leviticus to disparage the LGBTI community.

The latter are undoubtedly God’s creation if one is to believe the book. I also ponder how a billion Hindus, plus many millions of Buddhists, can be so wrong when their beliefs predate a 4th Century book designed by a Roman Emperor, a Sun god worshipper, for political reasons.

Peter McMurray, Lilydale.

Annoyed forecast

IN THE Examiner (January 7) Malcolm Scott wrote in about the conflicting weather forecasts. I quite agree with him. I have a laptop and a tablet and each morning I check the weather on them both. They are different, although the laptop does give the weather for Youngtown.

On my tablet the weather is given for a fortnight but if you ask for extra it reverts to the old scale, which is still used in America. I presumed that our weather forecasts came from Launceston Airport. So who are we supposed to believe?

Cecil Neil Guy, Youngtown.