Mayfield pupils top the nation

Mayfield pupils top the nation

Mayfield Primary School is the top school in the country when it comes to calculus.

The Launceston school topped the nation in integral calculus in a special Australia-wide mathematics project, Education Minister Nick McKim announced this morning.

Mayfield pupils in grade five and six were introduced to integral calculus and accompanying software over 12 lessons as part of a project that involved state schools across the country by the University of Tasmania's Faculty of Education and the Australian Maritime College.

Each pupils' understanding was measured by a research team member, as well as a test, which was the equivalent of a first-year university exam.

The Mayfield pupils' average mark on the test was 88 per cent, Mr McKim said.

He said that the result was an exceptional performance from a dedicated group of students.

“Unlike other groups in the project around Australia who had individual laptop computers, Mayfield students went to the computer laboratory once a week and proved they could master this aspect of advanced mathematics,” Mr McKim said.

“This is a fantastic achievement, not only for the students at Mayfield Primary, but for Tasmanian education as a whole.”