Your Say


THERE once was a campaign to “put Christ back in Christmas”. I realise that we live in a secular society, but, I have already seen “Glitzmas” in a shop window and have been wished “a very joyous holiday season”. Then of course there was “Hismas” for Father’s Day. What is the world coming to, or am I just getting old.

Malcolm Scott, Newstead.

Healthy old age

HEALTHY old age, they often don’t go together because of modern lifestyle, particularly our highly processed food and the drinking of toxic stimulants tea, coffee and alcohol. Today thousands perish due to our modern diet and a lack of fresh water. Fresh water keeps our natural filtering system clean, the kidneys, preventing the onset of disease. I enjoy remarkable health in my old age, I am about to celebrate 101 years of active living. I haven’t drank tea, coffee or alcohol for several years.

Reg Trebilco, Norwood.

Bradken Foundry

WHAT an absolute delight it was to read The Examiner front page (November 12). Congratulations to the new owners of the Bradken Foundry with a welcome of help from our government. For far too long we have been losing our Industries and jobs to firms outside of Tasmania. With Josef Chromy and Errol Stewart leading the way with their tourism projects, let's hope our government and councils keep the ball rolling with our Tamar River clean-up.

Barry Milner, Ravenswood.

Relics Act

FURTHER delays to the Relics Act. Why more delays? Who else needs to be consulted? The relevant party; the Aboriginal community have said over and over again protect our heritage, you have not valued it for too long. Can the state government finally do the right thing and give it its much needed respect and protection? It seems not…… more delaying tactics, more disregard for our cultural history, relics and heritage. We seem to take one step forward in good faith then two steps back, why is the state government like that in regard to all things Aboriginal?

Tessa Atto, Ravenswood.