Your Say


SEEMS to me that we have a constitutional stalemate now that a plebiscite has been killed off. We still could resolve this issue and others that have been distracting governments for many years. Why not a combined plebiscite  that resolves same-sex marriage, voluntary euthanasia and Australia becoming a republic? Maybe the government could then get on with running the country profitably and stop scrounging money from self-funded retirees to pay the bills.

Phil Stevenson, Riverside.

Road Signs

COULD someone please explain why they put the road signs on the median strip in the middle of the road, the height they do.   Majority of the signs are placed in a manner that they obscure the view of the oncoming traffic.   If they were placed in a higher or lower position, or further away from the corner or intersection, it would be safer for most people who use the road.

Anthony Galvin, Mayfield.

Bali Nine

THE report in The Examiner about our Australian Bali Nine mentioned that judges hope that arrest and detention would remind them and others about respecting the customs and culture of Indonesia. It would be wonderful if all other cultures reciprocated by respecting ours, instead of attempting to change our customs because it seems to conflict with their view of life. We should not be dictated to by other countries, at the moment we have bent over backwards in abeyance to some religious beliefs from afar. 

Ron Baines, Kings Meadows.

Party politics

AN INTERESTING opinion from John Hewson regarding party politics (The Examiner, October 14). He is spot on that voters are sick of the big parties and will continue to be so as long as the backroom puppeteers are pulling the strings to their own tunes. If there isn’t change by the next election, voters will show their displeasure by voting for the minor parties causing more upheaval.

David Parker, West Launceston.