Disqualified driver avoids jail

A NABOWLA man has narrowly avoided jail after driving while disqualified three times in as many months.

Noel Douglas Millwood, 62, was disqualified from driving for six months in October after being caught with an alcohol reading of 0.129.

Yesterday, the Launceston Magistrates Court was told that he'd continued to drive despite the ban.

In January, Millwood ran a red light at the intersection of Howick Street and the Midland Highway, colliding with another vehicle. Nobody was hurt.

In March, he was pulled over by police at Nabowla, and told officers he was on his way to buy beer and food.

Later that month at Scottsdale, police intercepted Millwood, who said his name was Jack Johnson.

A breath analysis revealed an alcohol reading of 0.073.

Lawyer Fred Lester said Millwood had suffered a serious brain injury in 2006 which had affected his behaviour. He had also suffered since the death of his wife that year.

His family, who appeared in court, had seized all his vehicles, he said.

Magistrate Tim Hill said he was planning on sending Millwood to jail but decided against it due to his health problems.

He disqualified Millwood for 15 months, fined him $1360 and sentenced him to jail for 28 days, which he suspended for 18 months.