Demand for details over footy brawl

Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson

THE NTFA has demanded "please explain" letters from Old Scotch Collegians and Fingal Valley football clubs after an ugly brawl caused the abandonment of their division 2 game at the NTCA Ground on Saturday.

The all-in brawl broke out just before half-time in the game after a Fingal player was awarded a free kick for high contact from a tackle.

Other players and spectators quickly became involved and eventually the umpires were forced to call off the game and Tasmania Police was called in.

The NTFA will begin its investigation tomorrow night into the causes of the brawl and its aftermath.

Both clubs must present detailed written submissions outlining their version of events.

"We've spoken to both clubs about their letters and submissions for the Tuesday meeting and then we will go from there," NTFA general manager Robert Anderson said.

"They have been told to provide every detail they can and encouraged to tell us everything.

"We normally appoint an investigative committee or tribunal to look into the incident and I imagine that will be the way we go this time."

Old Scotch president Rafe Bell claimed after the game that the brawl had been premeditated and said postings on social media leading up to the game had forecast a confrontation would happen.

Bell said his club would refuse to play Fingal again and wanted it removed from the competition.

Fingal president Stephen Smart maintained his position yesterday of not commenting publicly while an ongoing investigation was under way.

A similar incident occurred between the two teams during last season's second semi-final at Youngtown, which was investigated by the NTFA.

A melee between players that day at the three-quarter time break also spilled over to involve members of the crowd.

Tasmania Police confirmed yesterday that no formal complaint had been made from the brawl.