Water meter woes

EARLIER this week about 8.30am, two employees of Taswater knocked on my door and asked if they could read my water meter.

Having seen them on previous occasions, I gave them the OK.

However, I asked them why they were reading the meter, since it was one of the new digital electronic types that does not require manual reading.

One replied that the meter was not working and had been read manually since installation.

I then asked if it could be replaced, with which he replied: "There's nothing wrong with it, it just needs to be activated."

This is yet another classic case of incompetence in a government business enterprise, not getting it right after spending tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayers' money on new electronic meters for everyone.

Finally, why does it take two members of staff to read one water meter? More waste of money.

- GERRY KITE, Legana.